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    Your Happiness has Value!

    As a REALTOR® I work with clients to help them buy and sell real estate. I personally and professionally value one’s home as our most important place. I think in 2020 we have come to understand that even more having lived through these stay at home orders. Knowing how important homes are to us, it should come down to more than a dollars and cents decision. I am often amazed at the little or total lack of value buyers and sellers put on their own happiness. I help people move to be near family, to get their dream job, retire or to their dream homes. Your goals and dreams should have value to you! We get so caught up in the dollars and final figures that we forget the main reason we are moving to begin with. Almost always we are moving to make our lives better, if not why would we do it. Sometimes people find themselves in a hard financial situation and choose to downsize to cut expenses — If you have been struggling reducing your payments will bring you happiness also. 

    I always advise my clients throughout the process of buying or selling Real Estate to keep their eyes on their ultimate goal that prompted them to being this process. Being close to your grandkids or significant other is important, place value on that. I recently had a listing and the gentleman was moving closer to his children and grandkids. This seller had been amazing to deal with throughout the entire process. We became engaged in a tense negotiations with the buyer, we got to $1,500 difference in the deal. My seller was ready to walk away, from what was a really great offer otherwise. I advised my buyer that we can close the gap, but not to walk away because his happiness of being his kids and grandchildren more often had a lot of value in this deal. He slept on it and I negotiated hard and we got a deal.  My seller was too focused on the dollars and not the other value in the deal. 

    Yes, there are times when deals are tight and buyers, sellers and realtors work the numbers and take less to make a deal work. I know that deals can be done out of necessity of one or both sides. We all know life is too short and we should enjoy what makes us happy. Let your REALTOR® help you achieve your goals, but most of all understand your goal’s value.

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    Brian Birge

    Military Relocation Professional (MRP); Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA); E-Pro Certified REALTOR® by NAR; Coldwell Banker Military Rewards REALTOR®; Cartus Relocation Team; Diamond Member of the Home Builder’s Association of Greater Savannah; Navy Federal Credit Union Select REALTOR®; 2018 Savanah Area REALTORS® Distinguished Sales Society; 2017 Coldwell Banker Platinum Partners Rookie Agent of the Year; Proud Member of National Association of REALTORS®; Proud Member of Georgia Association of REALTORS®; Proud Member of Savannah Area Board of REALTORS®; 24 years of Customer Service Management Experience

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