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    Savannah Georgia’s Style of Curb Appeal by Brian Arcudi

    Home improvements.

    Either you love hearing those words or hate them. Its not for everybody, but improving your homes curb appeal not only makes you feel good when you see it, it raises the value as well.

    What is curb appeal?

    Merriam-Webster defines it as; “the visual attractiveness of a house as seen from the street”. And that pretty much sums it up. When you arrive or drive by a home, how does the first impression make you feel and what does it make you think? Yes the front of our homes are subject to others’ impressions in regards to how we present ourselves.

    Why care about your property’s curb appeal?

    First and foremost is the value especially if you are about to sell, secondly as a homeowner in a community everyone must have a high level of “pride in ownership”. You work your butt off to become a homeowner right? You goto work everyday, pay the bills, bought this home and got a mortgage,  not to let it look in shambles right? IMO almost everyone who is looking for a home sees it first online. And many people will not even stay around long enough to see the inside if they dont like the front. I had one client not even want to stop the car after seeing a home!

    Savannah’s style in curb appeal.

    First off the lawns. Since we do not have harsh winters and do not have prolonged freezing weather the grass should be there! You laugh but some homes with lots of shade, bad PH or no irrigation will not have grass. Pruning, some indiginous bushes and trees are supposed to be pruned back after the growing/flowering season. Many times these are left to just grow forever. Dead/sick trees. Expensive to cut down but nothing says haunted house better than some dead trees in the front yard. The spanish moss, well what can I say. People from up north can’t get enough of the stuff, I personally think it does more harm than good and you should pull down and dispose of as much as possible. Savannah has tons of the stuff. Invasive species. Kudzu and the Bradford pear tree among others need to be removed and plant something more “southernly” like Dogwood or a Crape Myrtle.

    Basic stuff.

    Painting and mold removal should be an obvious must do and the landscaping really must have a little effort put into it. Pine straw can make a big difference or go with red mulch or recycled rubber chips. Local hack, call the tree services and  they will give you a dump truck load of free wood chips after they finish a wood chipping job.

    Written by Brian Arcudi

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    Brian Birge

    Military Relocation Professional (MRP); Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA); E-Pro Certified REALTOR® by NAR; Coldwell Banker Military Rewards REALTOR®; Cartus Relocation Team; Diamond Member of the Home Builder’s Association of Greater Savannah; Navy Federal Credit Union Select REALTOR®; 2018 Savanah Area REALTORS® Distinguished Sales Society; 2017 Coldwell Banker Platinum Partners Rookie Agent of the Year; Proud Member of National Association of REALTORS®; Proud Member of Georgia Association of REALTORS®; Proud Member of Savannah Area Board of REALTORS®; 24 years of Customer Service Management Experience

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