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Newest in Smart Home Technology

I do not claim to be particularly techy nor will I claim that I would be able to even operate all the new toys the cool kids are playing with these days but they do intrigue me and I must admit I would love to try a couple of these, mainly because I think they could make my life easier.

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas of course had some amazing Smart Home Technology. The list includes some offerings that I would not even try to explain but here are a few I can really get my head around:

LG is developing a washing machine that will sense your load weight, fabric and volume and will program the washer for you. It will also apply the detergent and fabric softer and let Amazon know when you need more product.

Knectek Townew has a trash can that will seal up the trash bag and open the lid when it needs to be emptied. Once you take out the full bag, it puts a new bag in for you, love it!!

The Wayzn Smart Sliding Glass Door lets you know when your pet is at your door and allows you to open and close it for them remotely from your mobile app. I have seen different versions of this one and they are super cool and convenient in the event you get stuck at work or have to run off to a clearance sale at the mall before you can get home.

I already have a “robo vac” and I love it. I am not getting paid to say this, but it has changed my life. Now they have stepped up the “robo vac” game. Trifo’s Lucy is a robot vacuum that also has a security camera! So, it roams around the house at night, vacuums and does surveillance with a color and a night vision camera.

There you go, just a few house warming ideas for when you find your perfect new home.

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