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“Climbing and Community”: Savannah Climbing Co-Op

As businesses begin to open up, I believe it is extremely important to support places that help to make Savannah a unique and interesting place to live. This will be the first post of several that will highlight small businesses in Savannah, run by locals, that help to make our city great. The first business that I’d love to feature is the Savannah Climbing Co-Op, founded and co-owned by Douglas Galloway. 

Douglas is originally from Warner Robins, and served in the military for several years, which is where he discovered his love for climbing. When he moved to Savannah, Douglas and several of his friends formed a “climbing club”, which met every Tuesday night. Eventually, Douglas had the idea to find a warehouse that could be rented out for his buddies to set up a bouldering area and invite their friends, and thus the Co-OP was formed. It is in this foundation of community that the gym has found its success, where beginners and seasoned climbers come to support each other and celebrate one another’s achievements. 

I asked Douglas what he loved about climbing and owning his own gym, “Humans have a primal urge to climb, you can see it even in the youngest of kids, and in our gym we give people a chance to satisfy that urge. No matter the difficulty level, it’s always a personal challenge with a tremendous sense of accomplishment when you reach the top of that wall. Climbing is a great form of exercise that allows for people to be creative and solve problems based on their own skill sets. It’s a great way to test your mind and build natural, real world strength, and it’s way more interesting and satisfying than running on a treadmill for hours at a time.”

The Savannah Climbing Co-Op will be reopening May 15th, and in order to maintain social distancing standards, they are asking climbers to book sessions ahead of time through their website, The gym has something for beginners and experts alike, and if you’re looking for a fun way to exercise and get out of the house, I’d encourage everyone to go give it a shot and help support this unique business in our area.

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